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Memorandum for the Record:
I wish to endorse the owner of On Point K9, Scott R. Kuhn who has been a mentor, great friend, and colleague of mine for the last 18 years. I have had the privilege of being under his tutelage when I started my career as a US Navy, Military Working Dog Handler/Law Enforcement Specialist in the late 1990’s. Working with Scott was always a pleasure as his level of technical expertise and professional knowledge of animal behavior was spot-on. Scott has a full understanding of classical and operant conditioning training methods, and developing conditioned responses, regardless of the task or discipline.  Always demanding excellence, Scott produced mission ready, forward deployable working dog teams tasked with supporting world-wide operations in the global war on terrorism.
His character is beyond reproach, always leading from the front while developing K9 handlers to achieve their maximum potential.  His leadership style is one that superiors welcomed as the “subject matter expert” leading their K9 programs without question, and his common sense approach to daily operations was highly recognized by senior level management.  Hands down he remains a problem solver dedicated to obtaining more out of each K9 Handler and their assigned dog.  As a “consultant” he could do nothing less than enhance the success of any law enforcement agency’s K9 Unit or program. He is a problem solver who quickly de-escalates conflict with ease, and can handle any situation with tact.  He fully understands unit cohesion and readily works with K9 teams and patrol officers to maximize their combined success.
I strongly recommend Scott R. Kuhn and his Company, On Point K9 of NC, LLC to every law enforcement agency looking for a resident expert in the field.  Where he goes, success is sure to follow!
CWO3 Marcus Watkins
Operations Coordinator
DAO U.S. Embassy Tokyo, JA


Scott Kuhn brings almost three decades of expertise in animal behavior and law enforcement tactics when he started On Point K9 of NC, LLC.  I have watched him transform many overly aggressive or under-motivated dogs into reliable K9 partners.  He is mission-focused and develops customized programs to train teams to recognize and respond appropriately to any situation.  While serving on active duty, he was widely recognized as the subject matter expert in all matters pertaining to K9 training, tactics and handler development.  Beyond federal service, he continued to use his experience to develop the next generation of law enforcement professionals. Scott brings out the best in every team and pushes them to excel to the next level.
Whether you are looking to develop your K9 teams to the next level of proficiency, augment your training scenarios, or integrate a new pet into your family—Scott and his team at On Point K9 of NC, LLC have the integrity, commitment and expertise to ensure success!
Kathryn Maitrejean, Capt, USAF
Deputy Chief, Developmental Education
Headquarters Air Force