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Pet Owner Services

Whether you're in need of basic puppy training or advanced obedience - look no further than On Point K9 of NC, LLC! Our trainers work with all dogs - regardless of age, size or breed! 

We recognize that proper training starts with building upon leadership, communication, and mutual respect between you and your furry companion. Knowing that domestic dogs are genetically wired as natural pack animals our number-one goal is to make you an alpha leader! ​​

Private in-home training and behavior modification is what we offer - period! Many dogs, young and old, simply can't handle learning in a large class type environment. This is where we come in to save the day! Our one-on-one training offers you the undivided attention of the instructor to ensure your companion is taking to the training and enables immediate problem solving.

Keep in mind... that during our various offered programs, we take the time to thoroughly explain each step while demonstrating with your dog. This method allows you to take a step back and visually see for yourself what needs to happen - then you are coached by us, as you work with your dog gaining both confidence and experience.

You will often be reminded to practice! ... practice! ... practice! - as dogs learn best from quality repetitions and positive behavioral enrichment. We're not suggesting that you spend hours upon hours at a time --- just simple quality repetitions in short duration throughout the day.  

So what are you waiting for?

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Training Price List 

Puppy Basics 101: Ages 8 - 12 weeks

$155.00 |

Four hours of in-home sessions

We cover the basics needed to lay the foundation for a happy, confident puppy to ultimately grow into a well-socialized mature dog.​ 

At this point..... it's all about teaching your brand new puppy appropriate greeting behaviors, establishing boundaries, desensitizing them to noises in many overwhelming situations, crate training, potty training, collar and leash exposure, interacting with other animals, and riding in vehicles. 

Now is the critical time in your new puppy's life to get familiar and comfortable with all the daily routines and happenings of their new home. ​

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Meet & Greet Consultation: Ages 16 weeks & older

$75.00 |

Initial 90 minute session

Whether you have a young or older dog, we strongly suggest starting with our 90 minute focused consultation. This way, we have ample time to assess your dog, learn more about you, understand your goals, and what brings you to us for help.
Together we will discuss and formulate a customized training plan for your dog. This plan can be adjusted as we move forward, all based on your feedback and your dog's responses. 
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Adult Dog 101 - On Leash: Ages 16 weeks & older

$65.00 | 

Each hour-long session

This is perfect for those wanting functional, reliable control over their dog when ON LEASH. Together we'll teach your dog SIT, DOWN, HEEL, LEAVE IT, and OFF ​commands with them learning in the comfortable surroundings of your home! 

As we move forward you'll receive voice, text and email support keeping you on track between sessions. 

Are you frustrated with your dog jumping up, dragging you on walks, picking up or chewing debris? IF SO... 

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Adult Dog 102 - Off Leash: Ages 6 months & older

$65.00 | 

Each hour-long session

Together we will teach your dog SIT, DOWN, HEEL, COME, LEAVE IT, and OFF commands with them initially learning where they live and appear stress free!  

Once you have reached your comfort level, we can venture out exploring new areas challenging your dog. 

We strive to give you the pet owner, complete control of your dog, in all circumstances with the ability to recall your dog.

This program offers a PLACE command which allows you to position your dog on a bed or mat without moving until released. This is very helpful when someone arrives unannounced at your door.

As we move forward you'll receive voice, text and email support keeping you on track between sessions. 

Are you frustrated with your dog jumping up, chewing furniture, out of control when the doorbell rings? 

IF SO... Call Us Today! 


We recommend...........

• PetSafe® Martingale style collars

• PetSafe® Premier Nylon 6 ft leashes