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Police K9 Services

Training a reliable police dog is not about "off the shelf" pre-packaged quick deals... it's about building a solid foundation geared towards real world deployments, forged from reliable methods including actual street experience!

Cops Helping Cops! Our staff rely on years of "in the car on the street" experience to assist our brothers and sisters in police operations. We know first-hand what it takes to survive out on the line, and to safely go home!  

On Point K9 of NC, LLC  focuses on key fundamentals, techniques from proven tactics, and desired animal behaviors for real world deployments. Our staff has a solid understanding of the principles of classical and operant conditioning, and expertise with increasing drives with firm conditioned responses in a wide range of disciplines. Our staff are ready to assist your agency with:

• K9 Problem Solving

• Patrol Operations

• Scent Detection

• K9 Tactical Tracking​

On Point K9 of NC, LLC augments law enforcement agencies without dedicated K9 training resources or sufficient support staff. 

On Point K9 of NC, LLC assists K9 Units during monthly scheduled maintenance training and developing critical task specific plans.

We serve Eastern U.S. locations including the following: Raleigh NC, Charlotte NC, Winston-Salem NC, Greensboro NC, Frederick MD, Philadelphia PA, Jacksonville, FL, Indianapolis IN, Charlotte NC, Memphis TN, Baltimore MD, Harrisburg PA, Nashville TN, Washington DC, Richmond VA, Fredericksburg VA, Savannah GA, Knoxville TN, Louisville KY, Myrtle Beach SC, Charleston SC, Wilmington NC, Columbia SC, Greenville SC, Atlanta GA, Virginia Beach VA, Portsmouth VA, Newport News VA, Hampton VA