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Novice Pet Owners

At On Point K9 our philosophy is based on helping you and your dog achieve the best possible relationship. 

Whether it’s establishing and building on training fundamentals or working with behavior issues, our approach to training plus our expertise with animal behavior make us the perfect choice to get you there!

Our approach to training is balanced and rooted in behavioral science. That, combined with our high level of hands-on experience in training and modifying behavior, means we can accurately and quickly identify issues.

With On Point K9's guidance, you are building a relationship where your dog will come to understand what your expectations are, and in many situations simply offer wanted behavior. It’s a relationship every person is capable of having with their dog, and we’ll help you build it.  

PRIVATE IN HOME LESSONS:  Allowing you and your dog to learn in a familiar environment and address the specific issues causing problems in your daily life, such as jumping on guests, poor leash manners, not coming when called or unruly behavior around other animals.


First we meet and greet to observe the behaviors and dynamics of your dog and at the end of the session will offer suggestions and demonstrate techniques to assist you in training your dog.


We promote the concept of the "as-needed" basis when it comes to training sessions which is designed for you to advance with confidence at your pace.  Please allow for 1-2 weeks to assess your progress and feel free to contact us during this time with questions or concerns.  Together we can determine if your goals are being met or if we need to meet for additional follow up sessions.